Entry Level Jobs In Cyber Security: A Guide for 2024

Constructure Technologies Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs

What Jobs Are in Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is a dynamic and growing field. It offers a range of career opportunities for those interested in protecting digital assets and computer networks.

For those looking to embark on a cybersecurity career, understanding the entry-level jobs available is crucial. In this blog post, you will learn about career paths, salaries, and entry level cybersecurity roles.

Career Path and Salaries

The cybersecurity industry offers a promising career path with competitive average salaries. According to Talent.com, the average salary for careers in cybersecurity is $120,000 per year. Cybersecurity jobs are in demand all across the world.

Aspiring professionals can expect to grow and evolve in their roles, gaining expertise in various aspects of the industry.

5 Cyber Security Entry Level Jobs

1. Cybersecurity Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst is often the first line of defense in protecting an organization from security breaches. Some tasks include:

  • Monitoring networks
  • Analyzing threats
  • Implementing security measures to safeguard data

This role is a foundational cybersecurity entry-level job, offering a comprehensive overview of the industry.

2. Penetration Tester

Penetration testers, or ethical hackers, play a critical role in system security by simulating cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities in computer networks and systems. This career path allows individuals to think like a hacker, providing invaluable insights into network security.

3. Security Engineer

Security engineers are responsible for designing and implementing security solutions. They protect the digital infrastructure of an organization against cyber threats. It’s a role that combines problem-solving with technical expertise in network security.

4. Digital Forensics Analyst

Digital forensics analysts examine security breaches and recover data. They play a crucial part in understanding how breaches occur. They also develop strategies to prevent future incidents in the cybersecurity field.

5. Security Architect

While this may require some experience, a security architect’s role is crucial in creating the blueprints for effective cybersecurity. They design the security systems and ensure they are robust and capable of defeating security threats.