What Businesses Can Learn from the Recent Attacks on Microsoft’s Exchange Email Server

On March 2nd, 2021, Microsoft reported discovering 4 new vulnerabilities in its Exchange Email Server. According to a statement on their website, the company “detected multiple 0-day exploits being used to attack on-premises versions of Microsoft Exchange Server in limited and targeted attacks. In the attacks observed, the threat actor used these vulnerabilities to access on-premises Exchange servers which enabled access to email accounts, and allowed downloading of additional malware to facilitate long-term access to user environments.”

What to Do Now and in the Future

Microsoft is urging their customers to update their on-premises systems right away and has said that Exchange Online has not been affected. While the exact number of worldwide attacks is still unknown, sources say it could be as many as 250,000 Exchange customers. The attack has been attributed to the Chinese network of hackers known as “Hafnium”.

Many businesses are now left wondering if their networks have been compromised and worrying that their data may be in danger of being stolen in the future.

Here are 3 important lessons all businesses can learn from the attack:

  1. Security Systems are a Must in Order to Prevent Future Attacks
    The right operating systems solution can protect you from spam, phishing, and viruses.
  2. Cloud-Based Email is a Safer Option
    Using cloud-based email gives you greater protection against advance threats. It also ensures you can recover lost emails, contacts, and data in the event of a disaster.
  3. Be Prepared
    Don’t wait. It’s important to prioritize cybersecurity now and take a preemptive and proactive approach. Constructure Technologies can help whether you:
  • are concerned about the Exchange Email Server issue,
  • haven’t heard about the attack from your current advisor,
  • or need help applying this security fix or other critical issues.

Going Forward

The widespread attacks on Microsoft Exchange Server can be seen as an important reminder that too many businesses are crippled by these types of disasters that they simply aren’t prepared for. Constructure Technologies provides network and email security solutions designed to ensure you’re ready for, and protected against everything. Our experienced Cybersecurity Professionals and customized tools will deliver the best solution for your business needs, no matter the market or unique requirements.

To learn more about how our solutions can benefit your business, contact us today at 631-396-7777 or email us at info@constructuretech.com.