Constructure Colocation Services

datacenter2Constructure Colocation Services provide highly secure, protected, and environmentally controlled colocation facilities to maintain your critical data, server operating applications, network, and communications assets. Constructure colocation facilities offer unmatched security and reliability for your mission critical applications and systems.

Constructure colocation facilities feature a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center, advanced security and monitoring systems, sophisticated fire suppression systems and redundant utility transformers, generators, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS’s), main switch panels, UPS’s and PDU’s-all backed up by industry leading SLA’s.

Constructure has a staff of seasoned engineers and administrators offering a full suite of managed services – network, storage, security, DBA, OS management, middleware server management and more. So as your needs expand or if issues arise, you know we’ve got the talent in house to handle anything you might encounter.

You’ve invested in an IT infrastructure and the people to support your business-and an outage could be catastrophic to your business. And yet, potential risks abound: from hardware failures, denial-of-service attacks and viruses, to disgruntled ex-employees, ice storms, hurricanes, floods and downed power transmission lines-the list is seemingly endless. Why take chances? Rest assured, you’re always protected with Constructure Technologies as your trusted colocation service provider.